“There is no incurable disease” This is a book’s title and message which describes the experience of certain cancer patients. This is the message that we want to transmit as well, and we want it to be as well documented and lively as possible.

1. This site exists to inform and help those who suffer because of cancer to choose the best strategies in stopping and curing the disease. It makes them able to inform themselves, to communicate with other patients and find out confessions even first hand from those who have been healed.
2. To promote methods that has been proved helpful to a great number of patients and even to verify the archives of the cases.

     On a world scale the number of cancer diseases in growing at an alarming rate. Only 30 years ago, cancer was rarely encountered. At the time, it is one of the most common diseases. In conformity with the last estimations, It is expected that every second person in the world can be diagnosed with cancer, and prognosis for the future show that two out of three persons can suffer from cancer.
What determined such an evolution?
     The cause of cancer is evidently the high toxicity in the host organism. Without considering this problem, any attempt to treat this disease will fail. Chemotherapy is useless in the majority of cancer forms (the statistics of past cases show it). Knowing that high toxicity levels represent the source of cancer, it is obvious that its continual growth can not help. The theory that says that cancer is due to a hereditary gene is a nonsense, as long time as cancer was such an uncommon disease 30 years ago; where do these genes come from all of a sudden? What has changed so much that humanity has reached the current situation? In many cases a simple way of life would be enough. Doctor Max Gerson had a lot of success doing this very thing. His book, "A Cancer Therapy and The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy" remains a valuable source of information for each doctor who is trying to treat cancer. Gerson’s diet is used in a large scale in curing cancer patients in "Centro Hospitalario International Pacifico SA" in Tijuana, Mexico, where the famous oncologist Josef Isseles activates as a specialist. At the same time, at the Biomedical Center the Hoxsey treatment is being used. The Austrian therapist Rudolf Breuss suggests a diet therapy, using only vegetal juices and plant teas.

     All this and many others can be found presented in detail in our site.